Between Me and the Night Picked Up By Lace Games

Publisher Lace Games will help out developer Raindance LX and their first PC game, called Between Me and the Night. In particular, financial support will come in handy to build out the project, as stated below:

We are very pleased, with the backing of our investors, to be able to finance the development of Between Me and The Night and support this newly created studio through our funding.

Going further, the CEO of Lace Games is positive that an early approval through Steam Greenlight will help in the game’s success. It’s currently headed for release in mid-2015.

In turn, Raindance is equally enthusiastic about the partnership. CEO Joao Ortage mentioned:

This investment makes all the difference for us, now we can focus 100% on making Between Me and the Night the best game we can, and with all the creative control and liberty that Lace Games gives us we can make exactly the game we planned from the beginning.

Originally, Between Me and the Night was a student project, started in 2012 in Lisbon, Portugal. It’s an adventure game that alternates its atmosphere between daytime and nighttime.

During the day, a boy can roam around a house, exploring different rooms. Some puzzles can be solved to unlock more content.

When nightfall hits, it’s possible to stay awake to keep running around, though that may trigger some scary events. It’s also possible to try to sleep, though things won’t quiet down there either.

Falling asleep transports gameplay to a surreal world, where the boy has to face inherent fears.

Between Me and the Night is made from 2D vector graphics that acts like a sort of motion comic, certainly during cutscenes. Some added waviness makes for a nice animated touch as well.