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10% Of Nexon Users Pay Between $20 And $30 For Free-to-Play Games

Publisher Nexon’s CEO, Owen Mahoney, has made some comments on the current gaming industry, emphasizing the responsibilities that come with an executive position. In particular, Mahoney states that there’s too much focus on monetary gain right now:

I think all of us who are executives, who are responsible for spending money and investing capital in the games industry have done a disservice to the industry by focusing on money first and hearts second.

Currently, the fixation on profits is most noticeable in the company’s own favorite model, namely free-to-play games. There’s an attitude in business that enables cloning of games, because it provides a shortcut to marketing.

Going further, Mahoney says that some executives use free-to-play as a way to con people out of their money, which is detrimental to running a business. It’s possible to fool people once, but they’re gone forever after that.

For Nexon specifically, the free-to-play model is the company’s bread and butter, but the numbers aren’t as stellar as you’d think. In reality, just 10% of their player base pays for their games and the monthly spending is only between $20 and $30 per person.

The trick here, naturally, is that the free-to-play provider has millions of users spread across a dozen titles. It’s also been rapidly expanding into new territories.

Nexon will publish the new game from ex-Infinity Ward Robert Bowling, as well as a game from Cliff Bleszinski. It also released United Eleven for football fans.

Its most recent addition even includes Valve. In fact, Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies launches this very day, after a brief Beta period on Steam that introduced the popular shooter to weird undead gameplay.