Upcoming EA Sports UFC Update to Add New Fighters and Moves

A future title update will add two new fighters and new finishing moves to EA Sports UFC, the company has announced.

The characters in question are MMA fighters Gunnar Nelson and Tim Kennedy, while EA Sports has also confirmed that Nick Diaz will be available as a middleweight fighter in recognition of his upcoming fight with Anderson Silva in January.

One of the moves being added is the “guillotine takedown reversal” which in itself sounds really painful to deliver and probably even more when receiving.

“Users can now attempt a Guillotine submission while being taken down,” reads the description. “This move is only available to fighters who can perform a Guillotine choke from Full Guard.”

EA Sports will also be adding new animations for takedowns and strikes when a fighter is low on energy. “Fatigued Kicks” will now seem more realistic and show properly that the fighter is about ready to hit the mat.

A video released alongside the announcement explains what EA Sports UFC players can expect from the title update. The company however has not mentioned a specific date for its release, just that it’s coming “soon.”

Source EA Sports