Shadow Of Mordor Best Lord of the Rings Launch Ever, Still Not Big Enough To Top FIFA 15

It’s been a big week in sales and the UK charts are once more moving around. Still, the big surprise here is that FIFA 15 managed to stay steadily at the top position, despite several other major releases.

Even more surprising, it’s the Xbox 360 version of EA’s football title that takes the top honors, over Playstyation 4 and Playstation 3 respectively. In a superlative twist, the biggest surprise is that FIFA 15 stayed at spot number one, despite a 70 percent decline in sales.

Second place is reserved for Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor that makes the biggest debut for a Lord of the Rings title. Here, the sales are divided as 56 percent on PS4 and 41 on Xbox One, while PC only makes for 3 percent of physical units.

Another novelty this week is Forza Horizon 2 that gets up to the third spot. Here, the breakdown is set at 73% on Xbox One and 27% on Xbox 360.

Super Smash Bros on Nintendo 3DS is this week’s final new item, coming in fourth place. Sadly, the tradeoff is that Fantasy Life, number 8 last week, already stumbles to spot 19 on the chart.

Destiny is losing a bit of momentum, resting on the fifth spot this week. Then again, with such a huge launch, it’s doubtful that Activision minds.

Watch Dogs, which had been dominating top spots for the longest time, is out of a top ten position for the first time. It does, however, cling to life on number 11.

Source: GFK Chart Track.