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Final Fantasy Explorers On 3DS Won’t Use The 3D Tech

It’s been a good run for the Nintendo 3DS, marketing the new handheld on revolutionary technology, but its recent moves haven’t really embraced the third dimension. Now, in the latest news for the device, Final Fantasy Explorers has been stated to drop the stereoscopic 3D visuals.

Final Fantasy Explorers is a 3DS title, but it will move on from the 3D use to utilize other capabilities instead. The spinoff from publisher Square Enix is one of the first to be compatible with the New Nintendo 3DS buttons.

A New 3DS has two extra buttons, ZL and ZR. With it, players will be able to lock on to monsters or have a summon lock-on respectively. Additionally, the latest Nintendo handheld comes with a C-stick that can be used to move around the camera.

For camera controls, Final Fantasy Explorers is also compatible with the Circle Pad Pro accessory from Nintendo. This adds a second analog stick, clicked on to your 3DS.

Final Fantasy Explorers may be a game that’s veering away from the normal titles in the franchise, but it is a quite large name to suddenly drop the 3D shtick, where other bigger releases still do. That could well send a powerful message towards other, similar titles in production .

Has the 3D technology really been of value on the Nintendo 3DS though? If it were to leave completely, would you even care?

With the 2DS as the previous handheld reiteration from Nintendo, even the company itself doesn’t really mind if games wouldn’t use it.

Final Fantasy Explorers is set to release in Japan on December 18, 2014. There’s no official word on a localization effort yet, but we’d be surprised if that never happened.

Source: Siliconera.