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The Crew Delayed, More Features And Beta Coming

And here we go: Another game has been delayed. This time, the honors are going to The Crew, the massively multiplayer online (MMO) racing title from Ubisoft.

Originally planned for November 11, the game will now release on December 2, 2014 instead. Another console closed Beta will be planned to make up for the delay.

As always, a big reason for additional development time is community feedback. The Crew has already done two Beta events on PC and one on the latest consoles.

From that data, the team has been at work to implement some new things in the game. One of its more important features will be the possibility to turn off any interface messing with your vision, so you can enjoy the environment as is.

Additionally, collisions in The Crew will be altered to look more realistic and other visual effects will be added as well. There’s now also a difficulty setting planned that could alter how the police inside the world operates.

A feature we’re personally grateful for is reworking the voice chat integration that randomly seemed to pop up now and then. Given The Crew is focused on, you guessed it, crews, it’s important to have a good line of communication.

Publisher Ubisoft also delayed Assassin’s Creed Unity earlier this year. In fact, 2014 has been riddled with delay announcements from all sides, with plenty of titles even fleeting into next year.

Still, it’s better for games like The Crew to organize Beta events and then actually work on changing things around. Games like Battlefield 4 didn’t really do well with the approach it had.