Steam Halloween Sale 2014 to Last from Oct. 30 to Nov. 3

Most PC gamers are always waiting for Steam sales and it seems that the next one is not very far away. An image posted on Reddit indicates that the next sale on the platform will commence on 30th of October and will stay on until November 3rd.

The theme of this upcoming sale is “Halloween” which means that most of the games that will be put up on discount will belong to survival horror genre.

Steam is looking for games that include ghosts, zombies, vampires, dark, horror and other similar kind of stuff.

When you think of the aforementioned categories, so many great games come to mind but until the sale begins, we cannot be certain which titles are going to be discounted.

People who do crave for horror games should definitely keep an eye out for this sale on Halloween Weekend, while those of you who don’t really like this genre have a great opportunity to try few of the titles out at the end of this month.

We will see what titles will be put on discount when the Halloween sale begins on 30th of October on Steam.

Which game are you hoping to get on discount in the upcoming Steam sale?

Source: Reddit