H1Z1 Senior Designer Sheds Some Light on Game’s Crafting System

SOE’s H1Z1 has received a developer spotlight video, in which senior game designer Paul Carrico answers multiple fan questions.

He starts off by saying that he is mainly working on the game’s crafting system and then he moves on to answer a question about it by saying that “it (crafting) can go really deep”.

He gives the example of home-brewed makeshift weapons, which will do the job for a limited time but not effectively, which is why you will need to use them as less as possible.

Before the game moves into its early access, developers want to make sure that everything you need to survive is working perfectly.

Paul assures that after the game has hit early access, there will be poison, flaming and exploding arrows added to the game alongside other features, giving you more tools to survive in the dangerous world.

Weapons and structures available in H1Z1 will degrade overtime, so you will always have to keep a lookout for each of them when travelling around the game’s universe.

Your biggest challenge in the game is to survive and for that you will need to find recipes, which will not be an easy task. Due to this reason, developers want the players to team up with one another and try to survive together.

Are you looking forward to get your hands on H1Z1 when it enters early access?