D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die Gets Accolades Trailer

Xbox One exclusive D4: dark Dreams Don’t Die got new trailer which shows some of the eccentric and a bit creepy characters of the game. Also for some reason it shows detective Young with a rat in his mouth (yes it does).

D4 is the story of detective young, who is out investigating the murder of his wife. The game has a point and click style design and features a rather ludicrous storyline but still manages to intrigue and has received some positive feedback from fans.

Even though Microsoft has been trying to distance itself from Kinect lately, but the game strongly recommends using the camera for an immersive experience through motion controls.

The main character of the game has gone through a traumatic experience and has difficulties recollecting the memories of those events. Strangely, the traumatizing event has somehow graced him with the ability to travel through time. Young plans to travel back in time in order to undo his wife’s murder.

But he just can’t travel back at will, players will need to finds clues, solve puzzles and obtain certain objects which will then allow Young to travel back in time to certain events.

Also, fans hoping to see the title on PS4 might be disappointed to know that it will “never” come to their console. Hidetaka “Swery” Suehiro has bluntly answered a fans question on twitter regarding a PS4 version to which he replied that the game won’t ever come to PS4.

To know more about it, follow the link here.

D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die is now available Exclusively on Microsoft’s Xbox One gaming console.