Try A Bunch Of Neat Things On Steam This Weekend

If you’re looking for to stay in on the weekend and perhaps try a few new things, then perhaps go dive into Steam. Once again, the platform is putting up a lot of promotions at once that give you a chance to get some games pretty cheap.

Normally, the cheapest thing you can do is go play Rise of the Triad. The shooter remake is free this weekend to celebrate the integration of Steam Workshop that allows the community to make its own content for the game.

If you want to take it slow, then go grab Democracy 3, as it’s on sale the whole weekend at a 66% discount. Gameplay is surrounded on minimalism, moving budget and approval rates around in an effort to run a country to whim.

Democracy 3 also has downloadable content (DLC) for social engineering and extremism alike. Both will be discounted as well.

The biggest event in the Steam weekend is the Paradox Interactive event that puts most of the publisher’s games on sale. There’s a focus on the stable’s favored strategy genre, with games like Crusader Kings II, Europa Universalis IV or the Victoria series.

Paradox in recent years has also branched out with indie titles like Magicka, so you can take a look there as well. A bunch of bundles are available for a 75% discount.

If none of those will fill your fancy, then at the least take a crack at Metal Slug X, which just launched on Steam. It’s not discounted, but at €7.99, it’s still a great arcade title.