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Super Smash Bros. 3DS will Require a Day One Update for Multiplayer Features

Super Smash Bros. is going to launch today on Nintendo 3DS and just before the release, it has been revealed that the game will require a day one update for the online multiplayer to work.

The update will not happen automatically, so you will need to visit the e-Shop and get it from there and to do that, you will need to be on the latest firmware.

Nintendo made this announcement on its support page:

Users will be required to download this update prior to using the software’s online multiplayer features. Because of this, we strongly recommend that all Super Smash Bros. players download and install this update data.

Apart from unlocking Super Smash Bros. online mode, this update will also bring in new “adjustments” to improve your gameplay experience.

Most of the games nowadays come with a day one patch, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone anymore.

The good news is that you are just one update away from getting your hands on the most anticipated title of this year and after that, you will be able to dive into four players’ matches with your friends online.

The roster at the game’s launch will consist of 49 playable characters, including 15 new ones.

The Wii U version of Super Smash Bros. is currently in development and is expected to launch in the coming months.

Source: Nintendo Support