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Shelter 2 Delay Will Make It Cute Next Year

Well, the massive delay tsunami that’s plaguing 2014 is happening in smaller titles as well. Cute adventure title Shelter 2 will now also slip towards early 2015.

A reason for the delay is said to be experimentation, though it did have some work in the survival genre with a pack of animals. With the additional months, developer Might and Delight will try to polish the release or possibly add a few new things as well.

Shelter 2 continues the natural environment of parent animals running around with their cubs, trying to survive in the wild. Where the original did that with a badger, the sequel will use a lynx.

Additionally, Shelter 2 will allow for more interactivity than before. It’s possible to nurture offspring in more ways than the simple hunter gathering mechanisms in the first release.

Another new point is the defining of specific breeds. Cubs will own specific traits that can be carried over to other playthroughs.

There is some good news for the developer as well. It has announced a new game that’s now in production. There’s not a lot else known, but it should actually still launch this year, which is rather surprising.

If you’ve been keeping track, nearly all games are slipping into 2015. Big games like The Witcher 3, Dying Light and Mad Max are all skipping their original plans.

Just this week, Pillars of Eternity stated it would miss its mark, also plugging polish as a way to justify it. More are getting added periodically and yet we just had some pretty heavy hitters this week.