Marvel Puzzle Quest Gets Female Thor, Goddess of Thunder

Only recently we were surprised by Marvel when they announced that the future Thor will be a woman. Well, if the comics are getting the new character, why not the games? Marvel Puzzle Quest is going to get the new Thor: Goddess of Thunder as a celebratory gesture by the developers on the game’s first anniversary.

The game was originally launched on October 3, 2013 and so today marks one whole year. As far as the Steam launch in concerned, that will complete a whole year two months from now. Regardless, D3 Publisher is bringing out their 52nd character much sooner:

Marvel Puzzle Quest will be the first video game to feature Thor: Goddess of Thunder and will be a legendary (4 star) character reward for Season VII and all players will be able to test her powers in a battle starting on October 17.

Some context though: this character is the first time ever in the history when a female has lifted the hammer to take on the role of Thor.

The publisher also shared statistics for the achievements that Marvel Puzzle Quest has made so far. According to them, the game has been downloaded 3.7 million times and the players have fought around 500 million battles (499,459,932 to be exact). There have been 1.4 billion Team-Up options since the feature was introduced two months ago.

Last but not the least, they nudged towards changes that the future is bringing to the game saying that the Dark Reign storyline was near conclusion and soon you would be playing in new Marvel based storyline.

marvel puzzle quest

Have you been playing Marvel Puzzle Quest? Would you try out the female Thor, The Goddess of Thunder?