GTA Online Gets Manhunt Mask in Last Team Standing Event Weekend

This weekend, GTA Online is going to get messy – or even messier than it already is. You all must know about the Last Team Standing Event, which now has a weekend special for you.

Those taking part in the event stand a chance to unlock the ‘Please Stop Me’ Manhunt Mask along with a shitload of other rewards over the weekend.

Here’s what the official website is saying:

Limited time only GTA$ and RP bonuses, exclusive weekend-only unlocks to collect, special contests, an epic all-star Last Team Standing live stream and much more await those with both the staying power and the stopping power to rule the 10 new Jobs from The Last Team Standing Update and the many, many more currently being created by the Social Club community with the new Last Team Standing Creator Mode.

Talking of the rewards, everyone who completes the LTS (Last Team Standing) playlist in GTA Online will get the Manhunt Mask. After that, every time you complete the playlist you get some more including 3 sticky bombs, 3 grenades, 3 molotovs, 100 sniper bullets, 200 shotgun shells, 500 rifle rounds and 1 body armor.

That is just the start, you will also be looking at double RP in the LTS jobs, free team betting with the cap raised to $10000, crew clothing, vehicle modifications and tattoos at 50% the original price, crate drops of exclusively designed ‘Fist Tee,’ official GTA5 Bodybag Sleeping Bags, and new content with the Snapmatic Contest.

You might want to go over to the announcement post in order to read up on everything that GTA Online is going to offer starting today i.e. October 3 until October 5.