Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Gameplay Demo Highlights Combat

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD has received over three minutes of gameplay video and it shows the game’s combat in all its glory. This newly released demo features a lot of monsters that you will be coming across in the game and taking them down will not be an easy task.

The gameplay is looking quite sleek and I am sure that the fans of the series will be dying to get their hands on the title after watching this demo.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD will arrive in North America on 17th of March and it will contain a code that will allow you to unlock Final Fantasy XV demo, whenever it becomes available.

There is some bad news though, as Hajime Tabata reveals that the new gen release of the game will not include co-op mode, so those of you who were looking to play with your friends will be disappointed.

However, to make your journey in Final Fantasy Type-0 HD a little easier, developers have added a new Easy Mode to the game, which will help you last longer in the battles.

We will see how this HD version will do in the markets when it releases next year for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.