Far Cry 4: Pre-Order Bonuses Finally Shown in New Trailer

The pre-order bonuses for Far Cry 4 had already been revealed by Ubisoft a long time back, but it’s today that we get to see what they actually are in a brand new trailer.

Pre-ordering Far Cry 4 will net you three bonus missions featuring Hurk, who you would remember from his appearance in the last Far Cry 3 title. In the latest installment he’ll be accompanied by a ton load of monkeys and really, the bonus missions do look fun.

In addition to all of that players will also be receiving a Harpoon Gun that from the trailer looks devastating. One harpoon is enough to bring down a chopper or a rampaging bear. It’s unknown as to how Ubisoft has planned to balance out this weapon. Perhaps the ammo will be limited in number. A long loading time is probably a given.

In related news, the Entertainment Software Rating Board has rated Far Cry 4 with an M for Mature due to content relating to blood, intense violence, nudity, strong language, sexual themes and use of drugs.

The summary of the rating informs us of “large blood-splatter effects,” torture, realistic gunfire, throat slitting, executions and the like.

Additionally, one dialogue was quoted from the game that tells us that the army is largely responsible for the increased prostitution business in the area. Women are given drugs to get them hooked and then are told to perform “services” for wealthy men in order to get more.

Far Cry 4 is scheduled to launch on November 18 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. The game is powered by Dunia Engine 2.