Batman Arkham Knight Map is Five Times Bigger Than Arkham Asylum

Guy Perkins, Rocksteady’s marketing manager recently spoke in an interview at EGX convention and stated that compared to Arkham Asylum, the next Batman game will feature a map five times bigger.

He further added that the team working on Arkham Knight takes pride in their storytelling and they have always tried their best to create “cinematic storytelling experience” in their games.

As you know, this time around Batman has his hands full and is going up against the Arkham Knight a mysterious new adversary introduced in the game. Surely The Dark Knight will need some assistance and that came in the form of an element that was missing in the previous two game, the Batmobile.

“Batman armour as it were, which is the grappling gun and the ability to glide. The introduction of those pieces really required a bigger game world to support them, but then the big thing that was always missing for us was the Batmobile. It was always missing but wouldn’t have worked in Asylum or City, so to build an open-world around that was crucial.”

Perkins also assured fans that a bigger map won’t affect the story and the game will still have a refined narrative and Batman Arkham Knight in a sense is a linear game. He explains:

We’ve been conscious to create a rich story that’s interesting for newcomers and for fans alike. You can go off and do your side quests when you like, but it’s still a linear story in the sense that it has a beginning, middle and end.”

Unfortunately, Batman Arkham Knight was recently delayed and will now be available next year on june 2 , 2015. The game is a next-gen exclusive and will only release on PS4, Xbox One and PC.