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ArcheAge Has Two Million Registered Players and 21 Active Servers

In a recent letter addressed to the community, Game Producer Scott Hartsman revealed that ArcheAge has over two million registered players.

That certainly explains why the game’s launch went haywire with long queues and congestion that was being developed through thousands of players trying to get in at the same time.

Hartsman also said that ArcheAge has currently 21 active servers, which includes the two new servers – Ezi and Lucius, that were launched in North America over a week ago to battle the ever growing server load problem.

Last month Trion Worlds announced that it would be shutting down character creation on the other servers for a temporary time period.

The developer believes that the worst has passed and hence the character creation restriction will be uplifted in the coming days, as soon as the population begins to stabilize.

The open letter also addressed the issue of bots where the developer revealed that it has already removed a large amount of them. An anti-spam feature is being developed right now for the game’s chat and will be integrated in the coming patches.

As for the upcoming holiday season, Trion Worlds has teased that players will have sufficient content to play through the entire Christmas break.

Source: Trion Worlds