Amazing Frog? Yes, And It’s Headed To PC Too

There’s another reason to never consider buying an Ouya console. One of its most prominent exclusives, Amazing Frog?, is headed to PC, since it has been spotted on Steam Greenlight.

If approved, this gem of a sandbox title will add even more craziness to its features. It currently has a few game modes, all of which involve launching frogs.

Its gameplay is reminiscent of Goat Simulator, but less because of weird glitches than just zany, anything-goes ragdoll physics fun. A frog can throw its limp body at something like a fan and lift into the air or explode a nearby barrel and get propelled.

In a glorious trailer, developr Fayju shows what could be headed to the Steam version of Amazing Frog?, spelled with a question mark in the end. We have fond memories of pig butts in particular.

There will also be more frogs on the screen flopping around and a much bigger world. There’s a game mode that involves shooting and dodging lasers, but the lasers bounce around the room? We’re up for that.

Amazing Frog? was made more popular than ever thanks to popular YouTube channels like PewDiePie and Game Grumps toying around with the amphibians. They get embedded in the promotional clip for their effort.

With Amazing Frog? now headed for PC, the Ouya loses yet more power. Previously, games like the popular Towerfall decided to stray from the Android console and they have since grown much more powerful on other platforms.

It’s unlikely that Amazing Frog? will need to wait very long to be approved for Steam Greenlight. A release date, however, is less certain.