Tekken 7 Location Tests To Be Streamed Live on NicoNico

In Japan, location tests for the upcoming highly anticipated fighting game Tekken 7 will be held this week and all the action will be streamed live on NicoNico.

Confused about location tests? They are like beta tests that will let players try out the game for the first time. Starting tomorrow, the location tests will begin and are being organized at Namco Sugamo Arcade in Tokyo along with Namco Nipponbashi Arcade in Osaka.

You can view the live stream at 8.30pm Japan time. Four fighters are said to be playable at the event, including Kazuya Mishima, Heihachi along with a new character named Catalina. The fourth character is not yet known.

Not only players at the event be able to play with each other locally but players at one arcade will be able to play against testers of the game in the other arcade online.

Tekken 7 will end the long-running Michima saga and will answer many burning questions. It seems that this whole week will be filled with Tekken 7 news so stay tuned to SegmentNext!

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