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Report Dictates Kickstarter to Have Worn Out in 2014

2014 has been a mixed year for Kickstarter where the crowdfunding platform saw to little success compared to the previous year.

A new report has taken into account Kickstarter projects “that ended between the 1st of January 2014 and the 30th of June 2014” and compared those to projects found within the same time period of 2013.

Since the data is of a limited time period and also due to various other factors, the results are questionable. Nonetheless they do reveal that Kickstarter has funded less titles in 2014 and made even lesser money compared to the year before.

Here are some important bits from the report, highlighted by Kotaku:

  • “446 funded projects in 2013, 175 funded project for 2014’s first half. Projecting for a similar number of projects in the second half, it would mean that there were only 20% fewer funded projects in 2014. This is a decline certainly, but not a terrible collapse.”
  • “Looking at total amount of money pledged might be a bigger concern. 2013 saw $58m pledged towards video games, whereas the first half of 2014 stands at $13.5m. If 2014 second half is comparable (something that is not easy considering you need a similar number of big hits), 2014 would be less than half of what 2013 has been… A sobering consideration.”
  • “There were 21 projects getting more than $500k in funding in 2013, and only 3 in 2014 so far.”

As to why the graph is looking at a downwards trend, one reason is assumed to be the unavailability of “strong brands.” Many of the games funded last year on Kickstarter had more than just good campaign home pages, they had strong brands and names which helped rake in backers.

A second reason cited for the decline is competition where Steam Early Access program has managed to attract a larger indie-crowd with its offering of ease and flexibility. Also the popularity and hype of Kickstarter is said to have worn out a bit.

This year only three games broke the $500,000 funding threshold – Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Amplitude and Unsung Story.

via Kotaku