New Alpha Footage Shows Bloodborne Being Played on PS Vita

PS4 exclusive Bloodborne is currently going through an alpha test and gameplay videos have been posted all over the internet lately. One of these videos shows the game being remotely played on PS Vita.

Posted on Youtube by user RaiApps, this 5 minutes gameplay footage shows Bloodborne smoothly running on PS Vita via its remote play functionality. On Vita, the game does have minor touch controls and equivalent of R2 and L2 are at the bottom right and bottom left of the screen respectively. Furthermore, using the back panel on the right side, you are able to target certain enemies.

If you just can’t get enough of Bloodborne, check out this hour long gameplay video uploaded by user Bruno Louviers. This one is captured on PS4 and even though the game is currently in development, the graphics look incredible. You can see the long coat of our lead character drenched in blood of his enemies after a hard fought battle. The footage also shows a secret new area at 1:02 mark, so check it out.

Bloodborne is being considered as a spiritual successor to Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls. The game is under development at From Software and is set for a February 6, 2015 released on PS4.