Hyrule Warriors Free DLC Coming to West on Oct. 16

Nintendo of America has announced via its twitter account that the western fans of Hyrule Warriors will be getting their hands on free DLC on October 16th. This DLC will come with three new playable characters – Cia, Wizzro and Volga.

On 16th of October, first DLC of Hyrule Warriors called Master Quest will also become available, and it will include Link’s horse Epona, an adventure map, two new costumes and a new scenario for the title.

The aforementioned content is part of a paid DLC, however, developers have not yet confirmed the pricing details.

After making its mark in Japan, Hyrule Warriors was released in other regions over the course of last couple of weeks and it has been getting positive reception from most of the critics.

The game is an amalgam of Legend of Zelda and Dynasty Warriors series, as it brings fan-favorite characters from the former and adds the combat of the latter, which overall makes a fine combination.

Hyrule Warriors is out now in all major regions, exclusively for Nintendo Wii U.

Are you looking forward to try out new characters?