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Heroes of the Storm Designer Talks About Anub’Arak

Originally from World of Warcraft 3, Anub’Arak is the latest hero introduced for Heroes of The Storm. He was also a part of the Lich King expansion for World of Warcraft.

In the latest developer insight interview, designer Kirk-Erik Hagman shared some intriguing details regarding the character abilities and mechanics of Anub’Arak.

“we wanted to respect a lot of what he represented in that game. To that end, we felt it just wouldn’t be Anub’arak without iconic abilities like Impale, Carrion Beetles, and Carrion Swarm. We also liked the feel of Burrow Charge and, given his fight in World of Warcraft, it seemed like a perfect fit.”

Hagman further added that including both Impale and Burrow Charge on his basic abilities means that he “excels in initiating a fight”.

Anub’Arak’s initiating capabilities has been overhauled and the iconic character now has a 25% increase in Impale range, Cool down is decreased while the Burrow charge range is increased and finally Burrow Charge now does more damage. Also Burrow Charge now on arrival hits a larger area.

Heroes of The Storm is an online multiplayer battle arena in development for Microsoft Windows and OS X at Blizzard Entertainment. The game is expected to release sometime in 2015.