Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – Monthly Seasons and Ranked Playlists Confirmed

Michael Condrey, Co-Founder of Sledgehammer Games, has confirmed a couple of facts for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare while responding to fans on Twitter.

When asked whether loot earned through supply drops will be lost when reaching prestige tier, Condrey said that no it would not. Loot that players earn through supply drops will remain with them once you prestige in the game.

Elsewhere, the developer confirmed that the ranked playlist in the game will feature monthly seasons. Call of Duty: Black Ops II players would be similar to this approach which was how League Play worked. Sledgehammer Games really looks to be taking popular elements from Treyarch’s title, which without a doubt was a smashing success.

Based on your season performance, players will be rewarded with a special piece of loot gear to wear for the following month. This will add an incentive for everyone to work hard in achieving the necessary requirements to qualify.

According to Condrey, the ranked playlist will be entirely different from the public matches and hence will allow everyone to “compete in a ranking based matchmaking.”

Recently, Sledgehammer Games gave a glimpse at some of the highest-level equipment players can unlock in the game to meet their customization needs.

Players will have access to nine different customization slots. The gear can be unlocked through either ranking up in the multiplayer or utilizing the game’s supply drops. While the items will range in rarity from Enlisted to Elite, some of the more rare items will only be attainable by completing certain challenges.