Batman: Arkham Knight Features Improved and Smarter Enemy AI

Enemy AI has always been an issue with games where we usually end up with brain dead minions who are just begging to be beat up. Rocksteady Studios though are promising to turn things around in this regard with their upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight game.

Speaking with IGN in a recent interview, the developer discussed how it has worked on not only making enemies smarter, but also making them more involved with the game’s storyline.

The following quotation carries spoilers from Batman: Arkham City so if you’re yet to play that game through, perhaps it would be best to avoid the next part.

“The death of the Joker at the end of Arkham City has created a different world for the criminals of Arkham Knight,” said Marketing Manager Guy Perkins.

“He’s not there to disrupt the things they’re doing, so you have to imagine a world where he’s not there and not causing that chaos. They can get organised, work together and offer a more formidable challenge. He’s at the peak of his powers, but without his nemesis there to cock things up for everyone else then they get the chance to be a bit stronger, a bit braver and do things differently.”

Rocksteady had already stated that they wanted to create a larger world this time around to cater to the game’s needs. Enemy AI coming and working together for their cause and in line with the storyline seems like a good enough step.

I don’t necessarily have any complaints with the AI of previous Arkham titles. Sure they can get pretty predictable and quickly, but the joy of smashing their faces in is something that overlaps that problem.

However, I wouldn’t mind facing off better enemies in the new title, which already is promising to be the biggest iteration in the franchise.