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Warface Gets a Major Update Featuring New Maps and More

Crytek’s free to play online shooter for PC is now updated with a bunch of new content and changes. The update features new maps along with some needed gameplay improvements.

Players are now able to take part in three new versus maps including Airbase Team Deathmatch map, the Quarry Capture map which feature some massive sandstorms and last but not the least Streetwars Team Deathmatch map which takes you to an urban jungle full of abandoned buildings.

The final map called Streetwars contains an area similar to the istanbul grand bazaar with impressive destructible environments.

Now comes the gameplay changes, developer Crytek has a dynamic spawn system in the hopes of minimizing spawn fatalities.

Furthermore, in both co-op and versus mode player will now get higher scores for assisting their teammates in taking down rivals.

There is some good news for newcomers as well, you will now be able to use all four soldier classes and won’t have to go through the hassle of unlocking them.

And finally Crytek is putting in some anti-cheat measures in place with this new update. If you want to read all about it, detailed notes of the update are available at the official Warface website.