Star Citizen Patch 13.1 Brings New Additions and Fixes Muliple Issues

Current build of Star Citizen has received a new patch, which brings some nice additions to the game and also fixes some of the issues that were bothering the players.

The biggest change is the option that allows you to choose which ship to spawn in the hangar. Furthermore, SLI/Crossfire Support has been implemented with this patch as well.

The update also improves the control support and customization process. Also, it brings some new sounds to the game including pilot breathing, hangars sound, pause menu sounds and some others.

In addition, there are some balancing tweaks and fixes that are brought in with this update and you can check them out in the list below:

  • Changed Vanduul Swarm spawn sound
  • Added a drop shadow to the UI in New Horizon Speedway level
  • M50
    • Hard points no longer attach size 2 weaponry
    • Missiles attached by default
    • Reduced power of maneuvering thrusters
    • Reduced health of major ship components

The latest patch of Star Citizen will take about 2.3GB of your hard disk space, so make sure that you have enough time and space before you decide to install it.

Despite this hefty update, the game is still far from being perfect and you will encounter some issues while playing, but the developers are improving it steadily.

For more information on this latest patch, head over to Star Citizen’s official website.