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Star Citizen Enters Guinness Book of World Records as “Most Crowdfunded”

Seeing Star Citizen pass every set funding threshold has become a norm now. That norm though has helped the game catch the attention of the Guinness Book of World Records, which has recorded it in its latest book as the “largest crowdfunded” item of all time.

In his latest letter to the Star Citizen fans and backers alike, founder Chris Roberts confirmed that the game has hit the Guinness World Records as the largest crowdfunded item of all time, after reaching the $54 million milestone.

Presently though, the game has crossed another million, reaching $55 million in total. This is getting way out of hands, and I speak that in a positive manner.

Roberts then continued by explaining how Star Citizen always was in need for such a model where there were no publishers involved and hence, the game didn’t have to fit a mold just to satisfy the involved publishing party.

Backers funding the game ultimately mean that the game is developed exactly how the community wants it to be. All the money raised will be put into the game’s development before it launches.

Roberts noted that he is not keeping any of the money raised as profit and in fact, they have ramped up the development team by adding in more developers, boosting the team to a total of 280 people.

Cloud Imperium Games will always be transparent in their approach to Star Citizen, and no features have been hidden from the community. The only things that have not been brought in the open are things that are currently being worked on and will be unveiled soon.

Recently, the Reclaimer was revealed, a ship that can carry a single Constellation’s worth of scrap. There are probably more ships being worked on as well.