Square Enix Collective Project Black the Fall Hits Kickstarter

black the fall
Sandy Sailor Games, the Romanian indie developer has started a Kickstarter campaign for the their upcoming title Black The Fall. The game is a post industrial action title with an interesting and fresh concept.

Black The Fall is a Steam Green Light approved title and this ambitious project is now looking to raise £25,000 in crowdfunding through Kickstarter.

In the game, you will play as Black, exploring a gloomy and unwelcoming setting. Black The Fall will let players go through the game stealthily take on enemies in fast paced combat. Also you will be solve different puzzles, craft. In addition the game features a reputation system that will affect NPC behavior.

The game arrived on Kickstarter via Square Enix Collective which has previously helped action RPG title Moon Hunter. Square Enix Collective is a community focused development initiative through which small development teams pitch their ideas to the company’s fanbase.

Square Enix then supports all the games in which the community has shown interest but not in the way you might be thinking. The company helps these indie developers via crowd funding process and also help with the distribution of the final product.

“Square Enix is not giving us any financial aid. They help us by providing feedback and reach out to our players. It’s a great way for us, a small team with no marketing budget, to let you know about this project we’re so passionate about. Square Enix does not take any rights to our game’s IP, and while we do give them a small percentage of funds raised in exchange for their help in driving awareness, we are not tied to working with them beyond this campaign if we choose not to.” Said Sandy Sailor Games

Black The Fall surely looks intriguing and I am curious to learn more about the game. Also, this is a great initiative by Square Enix to give some exposure to small but talented group of indie developers, hopefully more companies will also take steps to give new talent a platform.