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Minecraft Xbox One Edition Coming to Retail Next Month

Minecraft for Xbox One released on digital store last month and now a new boxed version of the game has been revealed, which will hit the retail stores on 18th of November and you will be able to purchase it at the price of $20.

There are a lot of people who don’t really use the Xbox Live store and for them this retail version will definitely be a good purchase.

That being said, what about PS4 version? Now that Microsoft is the owner of Mojang, will we even see a retail release for Sony’s console? I hope so but for the time being, there is no confirmation.

The world of Minecraft on Xbox One is 36 times bigger compared to the Xbox 360 version and that is huge space for anyone who is looking to create large settlements, cities etc.

Those of you, who already own the game on their Xbox 360, will not have to bother with this new retail version as you will be able to get your hands on the game by just upgrading the last-gen version for $5.

Minecraft will hit the stores on 18th of November, exclusively for Xbox One.

Are you looking forward to get boxed edition of Minecraft?

Source: Xbox Wire