Microsoft, Activision, Valve Hackers Charged for Theft of Millions of Dollars

Hacking pays, that is true but there always are serious consequences for everything you do. Sooner or later the noose gets too tight and it becomes impossible to evade the law.

That is what happened with a hacker group of four that has been charged with stealing software and data worth millions of dollars.

To be exact, the group was found guilty of stolen property of around $100 million from Xbox and some more serious material that was used for military pilot training.

The verdict against them came forward yesterday from the US Justice Department where two members of the group had pleaded guilty.

One of the said hackers is a 28 year old guy from New Jersey while the second one is a Canadian guy aged 22.

According to Reuters, the group has been quite busy doing to Microsoft what they do best between January 2011 and March 2014.

They stole a shitload of property from Microsoft and its partners including Gears of War 3 and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3’s pre-release versions; technical specifications and source code about numerous other unnamed properties and so on.

Most importantly, they were found guilty of stealing data relating to Microsoft’s Xbox One before it had been released last year in an attempt to create a counterfeit home console based on it.

As far as the military related stolen properties are concerned, they hacked into US Army’s network and stole Boeing Apache attack helicopter’s simulator software.

It has also been reported that some property of Valve was also stolen but no further details have been provided on that.