Forza Horizon 2 VIP Issues, Crashes, Freezes Fixed with Update

What’s a popular game if it doesn’t get its share of bugs and their fixes immediately after the game has released, right? So Forza Horizon 2 has also had some. The developer Turn 10 Studios has now detailed the fixes they have made.

They have confirmed that a certain crashes and freezes problem which was there at the end of Microsoft has been fixed with an Xbox One update.

The problem was faced by people who had been a part of Xbox One October Preview program to be exact.

As far as the Forza Horizon 2 VIP issues are concerned, the developers say that they have fixed the VIP badges to appear next to the intended places, also now the VIP Car Pack will cost you nothing. Here’s a detailed account:

We have implemented a server-side fix for those players who have experienced issues with VIP functionality in Forza Horizon 2. With this fix, expected VIP behaviors should work as intended in the game (VIP badge next to your GT, 2x VIP wheelspins, VIP Car Pack cars cost zero credits on first purchase, etc.)

As a precaution, we recommend you quit your current game of Horizon 2 and restart the game in order to see the corrected VIP functionality.

Moving on, they have also ensured that people no longer double purchases VIP bundles or other bundles. People who have already purchased more than once will be dealt with later.

In the end, they have announced that payouts for loyalty rewards, and Forza rewards will be sent once they have dealt with the server stability issues.

Have you played Forza Horizon 2 yet? The game released on Xbox One and Xbox 360 in North America yesterday. Don’t forget to restore the classic cars with the help of Barn Finds Locations Guide.