DriveClub Supports Thrustmaster T80 and T300RS Wheels: Evolution

With the release date of DriveClub looming closer every day, how many of you were wondering which wheels the game would support? With Logitech’s G27 out of the race since August, which would be the endorsed company?

Evolution Studios has confirmed that that is not the case; you will have to get one of two new models by Thrustmaster namely the T80 or the T300RS.

The community manager for developer Evolution Studios, Jamie Brayshaw took to the official PlayStation US Blog with the announcement and also shared a couple of images showcasing the two models of wheels that are going to be compatible with DriveClub:

We’ve been working really closely with Thrustmaster on their new T80 andT300RS wheels, to make sure that they’re perfectly tuned for DRIVECLUB and the PS4. Who doesn’t love to lock their thumbs into a good racing wheel and get lost in the moment, believing that they’re pro drivers?!

So what is this, a deal with Thrustmaster for exclusive rights so that the companies can reap some benefits out of it?

I don’t think so, because in the comments’ section, the official Sony representative have confirmed that they will ‘continue to add support for other manufacturers’ wheels as and when they become compatible with the PS4.’

How exactly do they plan on this, is still a question; and one which many of the fans doubt even now.

That being said, DriveClub is slated for a release to PlayStation 4 in the North American region on October 7, in the European Union on October 8 and separately in United Kingdom on October 10.

If you are interested in either Thrustmaster T80 or T300RS, you may go to their official website for a detail analysis on them.