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Deep Silver Helps This War Of Mine Survive In Retail

Developer 11 bit studios will partner up with publisher Deep Silver for a retail release of their upcoming survival game This War of Mine. It will be headed to stores for PC, somewhere around the end of the year.

This War of Mine is a tale about the other side of an apocalyptic event in human civilization. Instead of playing the position of power of a soldier or trained arm force in a war, the game puts players in the role of a civilian.

As a civilian, you’ll not only need to scavenge resources to survive in the besieged city, but you’ll also need to hide from the violence around you. Since armed people would take you down immediately, you’re forced to stay in hideouts and away nighttime to be able to sneak around areas.

Your shelter is an important part of the game and so you’ll be tasked with upgrading it to help you cope. It’s possible to get better items like beds, stoves and other basic objects.

For the art style, This War of Mine uses a lot of dark tones and fully blackened silhouettes. It sort of resembles zombie survival game Deadlight in that sense.

Publisher Deep Silver has its hands on a lot of franchises. It’s also the house that holds Saints Row, Dead Island and the Sacred series. Earlier, the company helped bring Wasteland 2 to retail.

This War of Mine is already available for preorder digitally. This can be done through 11 bit studios’ own digital platform, Games Republic.