Dead Rising Movie Director Says It is Indiana Jones with Zombies

Legendary Studios, the makers of Godzilla and Warcraft, are now working on the upcoming Dead Rising movie titled Dead Rising: Watchtower. Recently, some new details surfaced regarding the film including the cast and the fact that it will be an Indiana Jones meets zombies movie.

Dead Rising movie is being directed by Zach Lipovsky of Leprechaun: Origins, he was talking to Slashfilm recently where he detailed their take on the movie. He says that it is going to be funny scary among other things:

“I really like the tone of the game. It’s definitely got its dark, scary beats, but ultimately it’s an adventure film. Every time I get scared or laugh while playing, I make a note to add it to the script. Tonally it will be like ‘Indiana Jones with zombies.’ Fun, scary, dramatic action.”

Other than that fun fact, the cast of the game has been announced by the makers, it is going to star Jese Metcalfe (John Tucker Must Die, Dallas and Desperate Housewives), Meghan Ory (Intelligence, Once Upon a Time), Virginia Madsen (The Number 23, Candyman and Sideways), Dennis Haysbert (The Unit,, 24) and Kegan Connor Tracy (Battlestar Galatica, Once Upon a Time).

The Dead Rising movie is not going to get a theatrical release instead it will be streamed at Sony Crackle and then get released on DVDs. Other than on Crackle, you will have to watch it episodically or wait for the DVD.

That being said, no release date has been decided for Dead Rising: Watchtower yet.