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Dataminers Claim SWTOR’s Next Expansion is Called “Shadow of Revan”

A community data miner has been busy pecking away at the latest patch of Star Wars: The Old Republic and has confirmed that the new expansion is called “Shadow of Revan.”

The confirmation came through a pre-order mail message which had the name of the expansion and was found deep within the patch.

Forum users have expressed their trust on this individual, and they all seem pretty certain that the content is authentic and that the new patch is really called “Shadow of Revan.” Previously, similar rumors had reached the web that suggested the name to be “Spawn of Revan” or “Shroud of Revan.”

BioWare has yet to confirm any such names. The developer had originally slated the reveal for the new expansion to happen in September but then delayed it by “a couple of weeks.”

It’s October now, and Community Manager Eric Musco has advised players not to fret too much because “the delay of announcement has no effect on the expansion schedule.” Meaning that the release date will not be pushed back, even if the announcement has.

By the time we announce we have to have a concrete idea of what will be coming in the game with the expansion, what types of perks we might give our subscribers, etc. Unfortunately with so many moving parts, we can sometimes run into the scenario like we did today. If we are not 100% confident in what we are going to put out, for a multitude of possible reasons, it can lead to a delay of announcement.

Musco also said at one place that the delay is because the team wants to add in even more features for subscribers. He however did not mention on what the exclusive offerings will be.