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Dark Souls 2: Game Breaking Bug on Xbox 360 Respawns Bosses

Numerous reports are piling in regarding a game breaking bug in the Xbox 360 version of Dark Souls 2, which is said to have arrived after the latest patch went live.

Reddit user “illusorywall” wrote that the bug was experienced right after the patch was downloaded and is found in the Xbox 360 version only.

“The character will load, have their items, etc, but bonfires become unlit, bosses respawn, etc,” he wrote.

That would completely ruin the gameplay for Dark Souls II players. Since the bosses are respawning, players will never be able to make it back unless they clear out the rooms again. Not to mention that bonfires being unlit would greatly ruin the experience.

From Software has yet to reveal a statement acknowledging the issue. Currently, all players who are experiencing this issue are advised to stay clear of the game and report to Namco Bandai.

From Software is pretty quick in releasing fixes for their titles. Dark Souls 2 will be back in working condition on the Xbox 360 pretty soon. In the mean while, the PlayStation 3 players should pray that this bug doesn’t port over into their platform and ruin their experience as well.