Angry Birds Film Cast: Sudekis, McBride, Youtube Stars


Publisher Rovio has announced the star-studded cast for the upcoming Angry Birds feature film. The announcement is a reward for its payer base, which managed to sling one billion birds in the game in 48 hours of time.

Saturday Night Live star Jason Sudekis will take the leading role of Red, which is, understandably, the red bird. Sudekis is also known for a lot of comedies, such as Horrible Bosses, Hall Pass and We’re the Millers.

Yellow bird Chuck will be voiced by Josh Gad, who returns to animated films after an appearance as the live snowman Olaf in the hit movie Frozen. Danny McBride will portray black bird Bomb, hopefully with less obscenities than with the actor’s usual personas in features like Your Highness or Eastbound & Down.

There’s also some star power in the secondary roles of the Angry Birds movie. Key & Peele co-star Keegan-Michael Key will be part of the run, as well as comedian Hannibal Buress, also seen in the recent Neighbors with Seth Rogen.

Danielle Brooks, Taystee in Orange is the New Black, will have a role as well. Perhaps one of the most surprising announcements is the inclusion of the Smosh duo, Ian Andrew Hecox and Anthony Padilla, known for their massively popular Youtube network.

Angry Birds will release in July of 2016, with Fergal Reilly and Clay Kaytis as their first director responsibilities. Previously, the two have amassed credits as storyboard artist and animator respectively, for a list of high-ranking animation movies like Space Jam, Frozen or Wreck-It Ralph.

At the very least, the Angry Birds movie is much less of a stretch than the recently announced film about Tetris. And they say that creativity is dead.