InnoGames Gets Another Office, Mobile Revenue Up 500%

By   /   Sep 30, 2014

German studio InnoGames is experiencing a boom as of late, which has lead to the company expanding into a new development studio on January 1, 2015. This office will be set in Düsseldorf, Germany and accommodate 50 new employees.

Reason for the new studio is a “better than expected turnover” in 2014, most notably significant in the mobile sector. This is attributed to one of their releases, Forge of Empires, being made available on iPad.

Despite the studio focusing on free-to-play releases, it’s drawing in sizable revenue. Armin Busen of InnoGames commented:

With Forge of Empires we managed to establish InnoGames as a mobile game developer – with the iPad-Version alone we generate revenue in the seven digits.

InnoGames’ mobile revenue share is said to have increased by 500% in one year. It’s surreal to think that just one of their games is such a powerful source of income and with the iPhone version of Forge of Empires fresh out the gates, this is likely to increase still.

Across all its online releases, InnoGames has 130 million registered players. This allows the company to employ over 350 people.

This is the second expansion for the company this year alone. In February, InnoGames announced that it would create 100 jobs for its new office in Hamburg, Germany.

Ten years ago, the studio was founded by just three people working on an online browser title. It’s pretty impressive to see where they stand now.

Other games in the InnoGames portfolio include Tribal Wars and the new sequel Tribal Wars 2, Grepolis and its latest title, Rising Generals.

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