Hyrule Warriors’ First DLC Pack Adds An Entire New Adventure Map and Scenario

By   /   Sep 30, 2014

Earlier today Tecmo Koei released new details about the first DLC pack of Hyrule Warriors.

According to the game’s official website, the DLC pack heading for Japan will feature additional costumes for Lana and Cia. There will be a new adventure map that presents another version of the classic Legend of Zelda map but with new challenges. It’s called the “Master Quest” Adventure Map and is much harder. The map restricts all healing and item use, making players work for everything.

The DLC will also add higher rank weapons for Cia, Volga, and Wizzro, along with other additional items that can be unlocked for the newly added characters. Link’s horse Epona also returns, as revealed by producer Eiji Aonuma last week.

Finally the DLC will bring the “untold storyline” of the Black Witch Cia. The story features five missions that includes Cia’s first meeting with Volga and Wizzro, as well as her attack on Hyrule Castle.

The entire DLC will be priced at 1,200 yen but players can choose to purchase all of the above separately for a cost of 500 yen each. This means 500 yen for the Epona, Cia’s storyline, and the additional adventure map. The costume pack will run you 200 yen though.

The Master Quest Pack will be released October 16 for Japan, Europe and North America. Western prices are yet to be confirmed when purchasing the DLC separately, however Nintendo of America stated that owners of the game can buy a season pass for $19.99, which will give them access to all four of the upcoming DLC packs.

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