Hoverbike Joust Looks Exactly As Fun As It Sounds

By   /   Sep 30, 2014

Indie developer Brantisky Interactive has announced Hoverbike Joust, currently being made in the Unity engine. This minimalist party racer used to be a side project, but will now get fleshed out to a complete release.

There’s a certain minimal style used in Hoverbike Joust that’s been rising in popularity these days. Use of simplified shapes and single-colored textures can also be seen in recent titles like Gang Beasts.

Much like that game, this racer title keeps its competitive element light. You have a jet bike and you ram it into your opponent’s bike; that’s it.

It’s the sort of simplicity that’s enhanced by some bouncy physics to increase the hilarity. Put some jump on the tracks to torpedo onto others and you’ve got yourself a grand old time.

Moreover, this party game has its priorities in order. Influences are said to be Jet Moto and Waverace 64, which is exactly what should be the inspiration for a good floaty title.

Normally, developing Hoverbike Joust should only take a few months. There should be a demo in the coming weeks that will have a track and arena for both singleplayer and multiplayer.

Originally, the developer was working on B-12, which is a bit more complex. It’s a platform puzzle game in first person with some shooting mechanisms, built for the Oculus Rift. It seems slick and shiny enough to show how the racer will eventually look like.

Hoverbike Joust sounds like Mario Kart having a baby with Starwhal, which is fine by us.

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