Deathtrap Fries More Monsters, Because Why Not

By   /   Sep 30, 2014

There’s a new trailer to showcase Deathtrap, the tower defense spinoff from developer Neocore Games that’s mostly known for their recent Van Helsing releases. It’s continuing to show exactly how monsters can be destroyed in the game.

For this clip, we turn to some sort of pirate, skeleton, clown hybrid. There might be a hint of inspiration drawn from a certain One Piece villain or an oddly themed Eddie from Iron Maiden.

Instead of a traditional trap, this episode looks at the tower that can be built in Deathtrap. In particular, the ones used to blast the skinny monster stun it with electricity.

There also seems to be an actual destination point the monster needs to go, which can represent the rally point used in most tower defense title. Sadly, you can imagine that things don’t really turn out positively.

Deathtrap is scheduled for as soon as fall of 2014 on Steam. It will be priced at $19.99.

Along with the tower building model, the game will also use characters that can be upgraded for an added roleplaying game (RPG) element. Right now, a Mercenary and Sorceress have been confirmed.

A Playstation 4 version of Deathtrap will follow at a later time. That will be a change of pace from the developer’s usual PC releases.

Deathtrap’s idea originally could already be seen in the Van Helsing hack and slash releases. They threw in some tower defense mechanisms in that series, to give it some original flair.

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