Bash Cute Skulls In TinyKeep Roguelike Out On Steam

By   /   Sep 30, 2014

Publisher Digital Tribe is on a roll with its Steam releases, adding TinyKeep as its latest project. It’s currently available for a 33% discount.

Sticking to the popular genres right now, TinyKeep is a dungeon crawler with procedurally generated content. It’s viewed in a top-down perspective with rounded-out, more childish visuals that make models look like cute toy figurines.

Crawling through many torch-lit locations will go hand in hand with fighting off a range of enemies, from smaller mobs to larger goons equipped with sword and shield. There are even screen-filling boss fights.

There are a few ways to deal with enemies, other than just bashing them up well. For instance, environments can be subjected to physics, which can be seen in a brazier toppling over and setting a swarm on fire.

When not making traps do your bidding, you can also make monsters fight each other, which takes the pressure off of yourself. Additionally, prisoners in TinyKeep can be set free and added to the ranks. It seems that the game has a few clever designs to diversify approaches.

TinyKeep has permadeath, meaning that once you’re dead, you’re playing a whole new game. To make sure you live, you can pick up coins from fallen foes that can be used to upgrade abilities.

This sort of roguelike game seems to be right up Digital Tribe’s alley lately. In April, the company also backed the Greek mythology infused Depths of Fear: Knossos.

TinyKeep was originally a game that went through a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2013. It managed to drum up £25,000 in funds.

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