The Crew Beta Progress Will Not Transfer to the Main Game, Dev Confirms

By   /   Sep 30, 2014

The Crew closed beta on Xbox One and PS4 begins today which gives you the chance to try out the game and it also benefits the devs to fix any and all issues popping up during the beta. This way the team working on the game can iron out bugs to make the final product a smooth experience for us.

Unfortunately, no matter how much time you spend playing the game in this closed beta, all your progress will not carry over to the final game. According to Creative Director Julian Gerighty all betas are technical and are not marketing betas so the purpose is to make a better game, nothing else.

“I don’t think so, no, [progress won’t be saved]…This is the thing, all of our betas so far have been technical betas. They are not marketing betas. They are not there for anything else except for learning how we can make the experience better when we launch.”

Gerighty wanted fans to note that as this is a technical beta and some features will not be available, also don’t expect everything to be unlocked. Furthermore he is worried that players will burn themselves out after playing three betas and will not look forward to buying the full game.

“I’d hate for people to do three betas and not have anything to look forward to in the final game. The game is good, don’t get me wrong and the last thing I want to do is send a message of ‘do not play the console beta.’ Please play it, but it’s a technical beta and you shouldn’t expect everything to be unlocked and transfer to the full game.”

Now I know that The Crew isn’t going to be the first game to do but it’s kind of hard for those who played the beta multiple times and finally when the game comes out, they have to do the same thing again. Isn’t it?

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