Bloodborne Has Guns Because Devs Wanted to Change Gameplay

By   /   Sep 30, 2014

How would you have like to play Bloodborne without any guns whatsoever? It could have been a possibility, says From Software – the studio famed for Dark Souls series.

Game director Hidetaka Miyazaki was talking to PlayStation Lifestyle at the Tokyo Game Show when he shed some light on the choices that they had made about the kind of weapons that the game would use.

It could have come without any guns at all, but the developers wanted to change up the gameplay, and guns were their answer:

It was actually a very difficult decision to introduce a gun, but it came from the desire to change up the gameplay and also to match this 19th-century setting. Fortunately, most guns back then weren’t as accurate and didn’t have as long range as today’s, so we could believable add one without breaking the combat.

He also reassured fans that the way guns can be used in the game has been ‘carefully considered’ keeping in mind that they should just be one of the weapons and not something that people rely on straight out.

They have had a lot of feedback regarding Bloodborne from the company’s American colleagues about the idea as well, and apparently they will only go with things that would work for the era in which the game is set.

That is not all, the director also hinted at the length of the game saying that the ‘total game volume’ would be larger than Demon Souls.

Bloodborne is being developed as a PlayStation 4 exclusive that is slated for a release on February 5, 2015 in Japan and on February 6, 2015 in the west.

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