Two Deus Ex Sequel Titles Went Unreleased, Here’s What They Were

By   /   Sep 29, 2014

The original development studio behind Deus Ex series might have been closed down, the game was such a success that the legacy continues. The studio was only able to make two games in the series, but it appears like they had a couple of other ideas too.

Joe Martin, the writer has stumbled upon at least two Deus Ex sequel related documents that never made it to development. The documents were found in The Dolph Briscoe Center of American History at University of Texas.

One of the alleged Deus Ex sequel idea is about a Black Ops soldier who had gone rogue but got coerced into joining another wicked mission by authorities who threaten him with the life of his wife.

The second idea is based on the time right after the ending of the original Deus Ex game where the player investigates the collapse of all global communications while also trying to save his sister from dangers.

Warren Spector, the creator of Deus Ex series shared his feelings about having found the long forgotten Deus Ex sequel titles.

He said that before the original development studio Ion Storm Austin shutdown, there were multiple ideas floating the development studio about the future of the game, these were among them:

There were lots of ideas floating around for further sequels and side projects set in the Deus Ex universe. They all went away when Ion Storm Austin shut down. I’m just happy Square/Eidos brought the franchise back to life years later. It’s fun going back to that world as a player instead of as someone who already knows all the secrets!

Which one off these would you have liked to see in the shape of a fully developed game?

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