Replay Value of Shadow of Mordor is Great, Says Monolith

By   /   Sep 29, 2014

It really is a possibility that Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor is going to be the best game to be made in the Lord of the Rings universe so far. What makes it even better are the reassurances being given by the developers that the game is going to present a lot of value for the people who pay for it.

One such assurance was given by the director of of design at Monolith Studios, Michael de Plater who says that you will be playing Shadow of Mordor ten and more times – and still enjoy it:

We really want people to be able to keep playing it, and this is something we’ve found as we’ve gotten close to the end. People will be playing through their tenth time and its more fun than the previous times. There’s always new stuff to discover. So, the thing is, you can play to the completion of the story, which will take thirty hours or whatever it takes for you, but after that you can come back and keep playing around within the sandbox in the Nemesis System.

He also added that features like the Challenge Mode and Test of Power will also provide opportunities for the gamers to enjoy the complete sandbox experience as a challenge. You will be fighting for the fastest time or the highest scores or even thing like succeeding in a challenge without dying.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor releases tomorrow on PC (worldwide), PS4 and Xbox One (in North America); Europe will get it for the latest generation consoles on October 3. The PS3 and Xbox 360 versions will release in North America on November 18 and in Europe on November 21.

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