PS4 Exclusive Until Dawn Gets A Horrifying Demo Shown At EGX London

By   /   Sep 29, 2014

Until Dawn was announced two years ago as a PS3 exclusive and since then the project has gone through an extensive transnational phase. Through the many changes and improvements, the game’s original idea has been scrapped, new hollywood writers have been brought in and the end result is a creepy yet awesome PS4 exclusive which you might not want to play with a headphone on and lights off (unless you prefer it like that).

The third person adventure horror game is being built on the Killzone Shadow Fall engine on which developer Supermassive Games has overhauled the concept of Until Dawn.

Just so that you know what we are talking about, check out the 10 minute long demo above. The demo was originally shown at EGX 2014 London and followed two of the eight teenage friends who have gone missing in a creepy cabin during snowy winter season.

In the game, you will have dialogue choices and your decisions will have an impact on how the story will further develop. Choosing what you say will affect relationships and can even lead to distrust and betrayal between characters – think things through before you act!

Every character in the game can die and the story will adapt accordingly so, you will often be faced with some hard choices such as abandoning your partner to investigate a distant noise or shooting yourself to save your friend from a clown masked maniac who’s hunting down each and everyone of these characters.

The EGX demo does give a Heavy Rain mixed with I know What You Did Last Summer feel and the game does an impressive job in creating those thrilling moments which will make you feel terrified but totally engaged with the experience.

Until Dawn is yet to get a release date but the title is expected sometime in 2015. You can share your thoughts and opinions about the game in the comments below!

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