One Piece Super Grand Battle X Gets A New Trailer

By   /   Sep 29, 2014

One simply can’t get enough manga and anime based titles, just like how the Japanese developers can’t stop making them. A new five minute footage was released for the upcoming One Piece Super Grand Battle X and it will surely get the fans hyped up.

The video above features some animated sections and a brief portion of exciting gameplay showcasing many of the playable characters in the game including Shanks, Buggy, Boa Hancock, Jinbei, Lucy, Luffy and Nami among others.

One Piece Super Grand Battle X is the sequel to Grand Battle and Gigant Battle and features more than 85 characters in the manga and anime’s new world setting. Fighters will be able to undertake combo attacks along with a new attack that allows you to switch characters mid-combo.

Using the environment and items available, players will take part in a tag team style battle against each other while the support characters will be useful in healing and countering attacks.

Also, buying One Piece Super Grand Battle X will get you a set of stickers, Grand Revival reversible package, special items for the mobile game One Piece: Treasure Cruise along with a download code for 3 songs that you can use in the title.

If interested, players in Japan can pick up One Piece: Super Grand Battle X for 5,690 yen exclusively on Nintendo 3DS starting November 13.

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